Hire a trailer in Wales

We are able to hire the following trailers. If you require a different trailer to hire then please contact us and we may be able to assist.

We hire out;

No. axle Dimensions Capacity (kg) Additional
Car transporter
214' x 6'2600
Livestock trailer
16'6" x 49"750
Roller shutter door trailer
28' x 5' x 6'2600
Tilt bed transporter
316' x 6'6"3500
No. axle Dimensions Capacity (kg) Additional
Flatbed trailer
28' X 5'750C/W sides
29' x 5'750C/W sides
214' x 6'6"2600
216' x 6'3500
318' x 7'3500

NB: 10' by 5' currently unavailable.

To see details on a specific trailer for hire please use the navigation on the left.